Riverview Management is the management arm of Cedarwood, a national real estate company offering full-service in-house resources through its family of companies that include Cedarwood Development, Cedarwood Architectural and Tri-C Construction. Our vertically integrated resources are designed to ultimately save our clients time and money throughout the development, design and construction process. We treat every client with integrity and respect. Whether your need is for just one, or for all of our services, we provide a hands-on no-surprises approach to every project or program.

Since its founding in 1972, Riverview Management has provided a full range of property and asset management services that strive to achieve the goals of our most important constituents, our commercial clients and residents. Our team of specialized professionals live the culture of commitment with a keen sense of attention to detail. Riverview Management continues to earn the trust of clients and residents because we are excellent planners, we anticipate their needs and we find creative solutions to issues.

Our unique "Yes I Can" service approach is the cornerstone of our management philosophy.

Cedarwood Mission Statement

Cedarwood is a fully integrated national real estate development company devoted to our core principles of honesty, loyalty, trust and respect. These core principles form the basis of our relationships with our clients, our employees, our partners and our vendors.

We provide a full range of real estate development services as we strive to achieve the goals of our most important constituent group, our clients. We utilize the specialized knowledge from our team of professionals and provide a seamless, timely and cost-effective approach to meet our client’s needs with an entrepreneurial culture of commitment. We have and will always take the approach that there is no legal or moral end to which we will not go to satisfy these needs. Our professionals are challenged to achieve these results in spite of any obstacles that may exist.

Since our inception in 1972, we are a company that focuses on the satisfaction of our client’s needs above all else.

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