Tri-C Construction built the corporate headquarters for Sterling, Inc., the largest retail jewelry company in the United States. This project was developed in three phases. The first phase was tracked and the construction of the three-story office building was completed in seven months. A 3.5-acre lake with an illuminated water feature was also created during this initial phase. The second phase included the addition of an award-winning two-story atrium, where interior neon lighting and deconstructive beams bedeck a pre-function area that also housed two operational jewelry stores. Also during the second phase, Precious Gems Learning Center was built, a childcare facility for employees’ children. The third phase comprised a stand-alone three-story office building with two wings joined by a full-height atrium. This phased three building was joined to the phase one building by a pedestrian bridge spanning above a lake.

1765 Merriman Rd Akron, Ohio 44313
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