The site held may potential advantages for an office building. The City of Akron had a network of skywalks connecting several buildings int he central business district. With the additional opportunity to link to an underground pedestrian concourse and nearby parking garage, the site was ideal of development.

Cedarwood Architectural had one week to design a building, determine construction costs, arrive at acceptable rent numbers and make a presentation to IBM (the primary tenant). A fast-track schedule was created to expedite the construction of foundations, structural support, building envelope and skywalk components - speeding up the construction timeline.

Cedarwood was selected to develop, design and build this office structure primarily because of its work on the Sterling Jewelers corporate headquarters. Cedarwood’s integrated development, architectural and construction expertise allowed this feat to be successfully accomplished.

The building is five stories above grade with a basement-level parking garage. The building includes a public mall with retail shops and service-oriented tenants, a public roof garden, and access to other downtown buildings via the skywalk. An analysis of building codes netted cost savings, including limiting the building height to avoid "high rise" requirements.

1765 Merriman Rd Akron, Ohio 44313
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